Are You Searching Hiab Crane Truck for Hire?

HIAB vehicle cranes are a great item of equipment that enables you to load and dump heavy items with very few pieces of equipment. This conserves time establishing as well as inevitably cash too. A HIAB is a crane placed onto a modified vehicle to create a self-loading and dumping car. Developed to ensure that the automobile’s engine powers the hydraulic on the crane, these excellent tools can raise and move objects with wonderful ease.

While HIAB is an acronym of Hydrauliska Industri AB, the company that invented the hydraulic loading crane, the words HIAB has become synonymous with the term for a truck-mounted crane. With several sized HIAB cranes readily available for hire, one is suitable for practically any job or work. The flexible devices are superb for swiftly and conveniently training and relocating items in position or loading the rear of the truck approximately successfully moving materials to one more location of your project.

What Weight Can A HIAB Vehicle Take Care Of?

All HIABs are developed to be able to lift as well as lug differing weights and also sized tons, so it depends on which sized HIAB you select for your job. The size of the crane can likewise vary from truck to truck, providing you with various lifting elevations and raising lots.

What Can A HIAB Crane Be Made Use of for?

The HIAB vehicles we hire in Exeter and the bordering area have high accuracy controls and a payload space. That means dumping and packing them is very easy, fast, and reliable for your job. Their capacities suggest they are excellent for easily navigating around edges and other obstacles. Our seasoned and very trained operators are proficient at utilizing the HIABs for the most technological of jobs and will certainly be able to get the job done effectively.

Construction Job

One of the most typical usages for our hiab truck hire is within construction jobs. The loading, as well as moving of structure materials as well as various other sources, is essential to the smooth running of any structure task. HIABs are extremely fast and effective at loading, moving, and discharging products when required, making them a have to have on all developing websites.

They are the perfect device to have around because they can respond to brief notification training needs and limited target dates, common in the building industry where materials need to be on-site to fulfill structure or refurbishment conclusion timetables.

Portable Systems

Mobile devices such as small booths, beach huts, portable cabins, and comparable systems can be lifted and transferred easily with our lorry-placed cranes. This makes them useful for moving your house or beachside store throughout the winter months.


From setting up wood frameworks to go shopping indicators, the HIAB truck is terrific for installation work on building websites and putting the larger finishing touches on shops and frameworks. Where heavy training HIABs are much better than a basic crane, they can also be used to supply the indicator to the storefront or hardwood structures to the building and construction website, making the moment and the money you spend on devices far more cost-efficient.

Various other Applications

HIABs aren’t just fantastic at building websites; consider using one for different loading and dumping tasks. Such as:

  • Bespoke cars
  • Forklifts
  • Various other smaller building automobiles
  • One-of-a-kind lorries
  • Elevated Work Systems
  • Watercrafts
  • Earth Moving vehicles

There are very few limitations to these incredible makers’ capacities, and this listing over is never extensive! However, with most lifting work requiring loading and unloading, they call for skills and suitable training. This is why every HIAB hires solutions to consist of a highly trained operator to guarantee that the task is done appropriately and without danger of damage or injury.

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