Buy Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Make Your Charcoal Barbecuing Experience Hassle Free

Some of the major brands that they stock are Kamado Joe, Napoleon, and MasterBuilt. They have chosen all the respective brands thoroughly, and only after trying each one of them.

With the surety and experience of BBQs 2U, you can buy high-quality barbecues and accessories. To keep up with their updates and upcoming deals, you can connect with them via many different social media platforms.

They even have bundle offers and Black Friday sales frequently, and surely they are not worth missing.

One of the leading brands marketed and sold by BBQs 2U is MasterBuilt BBQs. It is one of America’s biggest BBQ brands.

They have been in the market since 1973, and have been popular to date for their unique, innovative, and pocket-friendly barbecues.

A few years back, in 2020, they launched their ‘Gravity Series’ which has been a big hit amongst grillers. These charcoal-fueled barbecues are digitally controlled and thus are pretty easy to operate.

In simple words, Gravity Series Barbecues make charcoal barbecuing less messy and less fussy. You can operate and control them just like a gas barbecue, they are efficient just like a gas barbecue, and they bring you the fun and flavor that charcoal brings to any outdoor cooking experience.

Furthermore, just like Gravity Series grills are unique and innovative, they are user-friendly as well. The user can be a pro or a beginner, and it doesn’t matter, because using these barbecues is extremely easy and fun.

Overall, for whoever loves to barbecue, the Gravity Series of MasterBuilt will simply prove to be irresistible.

This is especially true for their Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 1050 model. With this digital charcoal grill and smoker, you can cook, bake, sear, grill, and roast exactly like you want. You will surely never have to compromise on flavor again.

To operate this amazing barbecue effectively, all you have to do is set your desired temperature on its digital control panel. The DigitalFan in the barbecue will maintain the temperature throughout your cooking time.

Also, the GravityFed charcoal hopper will hold charcoal, which will last up to 8 hours. This means you will always have fuel to fire irrespective of how long your party goes on.

If you calculate the entire cooking and warming space, including the reversible smoke + sear cast-iron grates and FoldAway smoking and warming racks, you get a total of 1050 square inches of cooking space. Now, this is surely enough to handle a big party cooking.

For now, you can either buy the Gravity Series 1050 barbecue alone or can even check out different packs available.

For beginners, there is a special Starters Pack, and for advanced grillers, there are 3 different packs –  Pitmaster Pack, Pizza Pack, and Rotisserie Pack.

To know more, you can anytime get in touch with BBQs 2U. They are extremely passionate about the barbecues they sell and will be able to answer any question that you might have.

Also, you can follow them on Pinterest for inspiration, new ideas, great recipes, and much more.

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