From Delhi to Tromsø: A Personal Northern Lights Diary

Explore The Mystifying Aura of Aurora Borealis 

The Northern Lights also known as Aurora Borealis is a natural light magnificence that takes place in the polar regions of the Earth. With Europe Tour Packages embark on to indulge in this mesmerising phenomenon that has captivated the imagination of tourists from all around the world for centuries. This has always proved to be visual feasts for the people visiting the Arctic circle.

Europe Trip Packages including the Northern Lights experience in Tromsø that had always been on your bucket list. With Tromsø, you get to visit the heart of the Arctic circle in Norway that has always stood as a testament to nature’s raw and unaltered beauty and resilience of human beings in the face of extreme conditions of nature. With Europe Tour Packages seek refuge in this city, also known as the “Gateway to the Arctic” which not only makes it your prime location for witnessing the enchanting beauty of Northern Lights which is also a cultural hub with a rich storied history and full of awe inspiring traditions.

This city is situated surrounded by dramatic landscapes that includes the splendid snow laden mountains, fjords and of course the vast expanse of Arctic Wilderness. Despite its location in the north, this city has a milder climate compared to other locations because it receives the warming effect of the Gulf Stream, which again makes it an ideal destination for you to have a wonderful Northern Lights Experience.

Answer  to the Call of Northern Lights in Tromsø

Begin your journey with the splendid beauty of the Northern Lights from Delhi. If you have decided to embark on this Northern lights Adventure with Europe Trip Packages, that is ofcourse fueled by your desire to witness the magical dance of lights in Arctic skies, an experience that will indeed be opposite of the chaotic urban life of Delhi. And Tromsø is the ideal destination to embark to because this city is well located within the Arctic Circle, influenced to be the destinations that provide you with one of the best places on Earth to witness the Aurora Borealis.

Begin Your Awe Inspiring Magical Arctic Adventure

As your journey will slowly commence in Tromsø which will be your picturesque Norwegian Town that is surrounded by the majestic snow-capped mountains and beautiful fjords. The beautiful snowy Arctic landscape here would provide you with a surreal, magical backdrop for the upcoming celestial wonder that you have been waiting for.

You can also enjoy a variety of adventures and snow led activities that this city provides apart from the northern lights. These include the following activities.

  • Dog Sledding: This would be an enjoyable experience to indulge in with a pack of huskies pulling your sled on the smooth snow expanse.
  • Reindeer Sleigh Rides: These are must-rides, you cannot miss out on this magical experience with majestic reindeers that effortlessly guide you in the snow capped mountains.
  • Ultimately you can immerse yourself in the real-life arctic experiences that this city offers and have a memorable experience.

It’s your Time to Chase the Magical Lights

Take some warm clothes and a good camera with you and plan for yourself a series of Northern Lights safaris with Europe Tour Packages and embark on your journey to this Northern Lights Tour Packages by segv. The auroras are known to be ever elusive, making their much awaited appearances in dark nights that casts a kaleidoscope of colours across the sky.

This is your chance to capture the lights with your camera to treasure the memory forever and share it with your friends and family. These lights are always a source of sheer excitement, anticipation and awe that each encounter of these celestial displays leave you with for a lifetime. The magic of Northern Lights doesn’t end here. There is much more coming your way.

Rejuvenate and Relax in the Solitude of Nature 

In Tromsø, in the solitude of the wilderness in the Arctic, you can sit back from the hustle of life and reflect upon the profound connection that nature has with the human spirit. The Northern Lights allow you to look out for beautiful reminders of how natural wonders preserve the pristine natural environments of the earth’s ecosystem and allow beautiful phenomena to thrive for people to see.

Why Tromsø Becomes Your Destination For A Personal Northern Lights Diary ?

With Europe Trip packages, you can also be a part of Tromsø magical lights viewing, this destination is well placed within the Aurora Oval which is an area where chances of spotting the Northern Lights are significantly enhanced.  Apart from the city’s geographical locational benefits and optimal conditions like clear, dark skies it also has a lot of other reasons that makes this city your ideal destination for a Northern Lights Diary.

What will be Your Best Time to Visit Tromsø ? 

The Northern Lights can be seen from Tromsø from late September to early April months with the best season that occurs between late October and early March. This is because during this period, the nights become longer, offering you more opportunities with extended time to witness the full grandeur of this celestial splendour.  You are advised to plan your trip around the new moon phase, this is when the skies are darkest, which also enhances the visibility of the Northern Lights.

Tromsø Offers The Best Climatic Conditions and Ideal Weather Patterns

Tromosø’s weather is cold but it is very stable and predictable during winter months because of the presence of the gulf stream. The dry Arctic Climate and no pollution in this environment makes the skies clear for the night sky that offers you a vivid display of northern lights.

Embark on Wonderful Northern Light Safaris

If you wish to maximise your chances of witnessing the wonderful spectacle of the Northern Lights, you can also opt for guided Northern Light safaris that many tourists go for. These tours are not namely safaris but are guided tours that are traversed by experienced local tour guides who know a great deal about the auroras with their local knowledge and extensive research about the best viewing locations.

You and your group will be taken to remote areas significantly away from the lights of the city increasing the chances of having a spectacular view of this celestial wonder that paints the canvas of the sky across its lengths and breadths.

Get Ready to Chase The Lights in Tromsø and Indulge In Aurora Photography 

We know how dynamic the northern lights are in nature and in their occurrence. And you would know how common it is for northern lights enthusiasts and lovers to embark on “chasing the lights” excursions across Tromsø. This will involve you to travel to different locations in and around the length and breadth of this city especially influenced by real-time weather and aurora forecasts. This will ensure that you have the best vantage points to observe the beautiful spectacular patterns and colours of the beautiful auroras.

Another amazing experience to not miss out on in Tromsø which is practised by both photographs and amateurs in capturing the ethereal magnificence of the Northern Lights. Your local tour operators will provide you with interactive and knowledgeable photography workshops that will guide you to capture the auroras with the perfect camera settings and local techniques.

Fall in love with your own photography skills because the results will truly come out to be spectacular and breathtaking.

Indulge in Cultural Extravaganzas in Tromsø

Lastly, Europe Trip Packages offer you a chance to indulge in rich cultural tapestry that this city flaunts. Don’t miss out on the rich cultural experience that this city will offer you. Here, you can explore the wonderful city museums and get insights of the Sami Indigenous culture and experience the delightful taste of their local culinary expertise.

Have fun in enjoying the traditional Norwegian Activities that Tromsø offers like, reindeer sleigh rides, dog sledding and experience the overall cultural extravaganza of this city.

  • Northern Lights Festival: You can also participate in the city’s Light Festival that combines classical and contemporary music, dance and visual arts. This takes the Northern Lights as its beautiful backdrop for a unique and wonderful experience and fusion of natural wonders and culture.
  • Arctic Arts Festival: Participate in this multidisciplinary celebration that combines the grandeurs of art, dance, music and much more. The artists from all around the circumpolar regions come to this city and portray their wonderful art forms.
  • Culinary Experiences: You can savour the Norwegian and Arctic Delicacies like fresh seafood, reindeer meat dishes and explore the gastronomic heritage of this place.


In conclusion, with Europe Tour Packages, the Northern Lights viewing experience in Tromsø would not just be a visual spectacle for you, but also an overall comprehensive and memorable experience. This city with its combination of strategic geographical features and favourable weather patterns will give you a wonderful opportunity to explore this top tier destination for you to seek this awe-inspiring beauty in the Arctic Circle.

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