Three Beginner Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Blog

The fear of failure is ingrained in us as human beings. No one likes to make a mistake, even if they’re trying something new. If you tell a kid learning to ride a bicycle that he will fall many times, he will think twice before trying it in the first place.

The challenge, as always, is to rise above this fear. As a blogger, you will make many mistakes. Most of them will likely come at the beginning stages of the process. It is important that you’re not fearful of making mistakes and at the same time, cognizant of them in case you make them.

According to Delhi Courses, this balancing act is the key to becoming a successful blogger. Mistakes are common and with a little caution can be avoided. However, working in the fear of putting a foot wrong somewhere is unlikely to work out.

One of the great gifts of digital marketing is how it allows beginners to make mistakes in secret. If you follow a wrong content strategy or write something factually wrong in your blog post, chances are not many people in the world will see your mistake. This system essentially ensures bloggers can work with a clear mind and be bold in the decisions they make.

If you happen to study at a digital marketing institute, you would probably have already been warned about the mistakes beginners tend to make while starting a blog. Not all bloggers have the luxury of going to institutes and learning digital marketing and blogging.

In this article, we help close this gap and shed light on some beginner mistakes bloggers tend to make all the time.

Wasting Time on Choosing Theme and Logo

The first mistake a beginner is highly likely to make when starting a blog is spending too much time choosing a theme and a logo. If you are just a blogger starting something new, you don’t need to spend weeks and months mulling over the right theme and logo.

You don’t need to spend the initial days of your blogging life passively trying different themes. This sets you at a slow pace from the beginning.

Instead of wasting time on themes, focus on things that would bring actual people to your websites such as content and link building. Themes and logos can be chosen at any point in time. However, creating content at the beginning of your blogging life could be the single most important contributor to your success.

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Writing Content Too Infrequently

When you’re a new blog, nobody cares about you. Google will index your website but won’t send its crawlers to index your webpages regularly. With little content, your website will be deemed as less important.

What should you do?

Writing content regularly is the only way search engines like Google will start noticing your blog. If you post content once a month, say goodbye to good traffic. In the early days, you need to post atleast three to four times every week to get more people to read your content.

Using Spammy Link Building Methods

Do not use techniques like PR submissions, forum posting, and social media bookmarking. These techniques have long been debunked by search engines and are considered largely irrelevant.

In fact, you shouldn’t be too concerned with link building in the first three months of running your blog. Focus only on writing more and more content and promoting it on relevant social platforms.

In Conclusion

Beginner mistakes are natural. When you’re starting something new, you are bound to make mistakes that set you back. The smart ones always identify their mistakes and don’t make them again. In this article, we shed a spotlight on some beginner mistakes made by many bloggers entering the field.

About the Author – One of the best digital marketing analysts in India, Gaurav Heera, is a grizzled veteran in the industry.

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