How To Go From Camping To Glamping?

 “Glamping” is now the most popular term in the world of outdoor activities. Camping has always been diverse, ranging from primitive camping in the middle of nowhere to camping in RVers in designated parking spaces.

Glamping has surfaced as a means of pushing the boundaries on the luxurious side of things, occasionally in remarkably lavish manners, but it can also be more uncomplicated than that.

What is glamping?

The term “glamping” is a combination of “glamour” and “camping.” Similar to traditional camping, glamping can be experienced on a range of levels. The highest end offers ultra-luxurious accommodations that resemble five-star hotels placed in breathtaking outdoor environments. On the other hand, the majority of glampers choose to enhance their car camping setup to provide a more comfortable and homey atmosphere. This type of glamping is ideal for introducing novice campers to the wilderness or for commemorating a significant event.

How is glamping different from camping?

The major distinguishing factor is the degree of comfort. You’re not exactly roughing it. Nevertheless, there are no strict guidelines. When you reserve a glamping retreat, the operator might arrange your camping spot and provide amenities like a lavish private shower or a compartment in your tent for a “wardrobe” where you can unpack and store your clothes. However, each encounter will be exclusive.

Making your own luxurious camping experience can be as easy as upgrading to a larger tent, a more comfortable mattress or high-end cooking equipment. Enhancing the aesthetics of your campsite is also a delightful aspect; view it as embellishing the outdoors with the expertise of a camping gear supplier. If you are drawn to a chic rug, a fancy French press, a series of LED succulent lights or a sophisticated camping chair, then it’s suitable for your glamorous camping adventure.

DIY tips for glamping

Bring comfortable bedding

The essential factor for a successful glamping experience is to have a lavish and comfortable bed to unwind in after a long day. Begin with a cozy foundation such as a raised cot or a supremely soft sleeping pad. Arrange the bed with a warm layer, silky linens, a duvet, and an abundance of cushions. Finalize the ambiance with bedside tables, a carpet, cozy slippers, and your preferred reading material.

Adding touches of home

Objects such as vibrant carpets, newly picked blooms in a robust container, a petite reflector, artistic images, and other embellishments genuinely elevate your location from a camping site to a glamorous one. Enjoy yourself and employ your imagination. Flea markets are excellent spots to discover treasures. However, avoid bringing anything delicate or that you might fear damaging.

Make gourmet meals

As there are no concerns about the weight while car glamping, it is possible to carry a cooler and cast iron to prepare excellent meals in the front country. The menu can include fresh cinnamon rolls, salads, and grilled dishes. To simplify the planning of more intricate meals, it is advisable to bring a stove with multiple burners. Assigning each person the task of planning a meal can be an exciting way to explore their creativity in outdoor cooking.

Bring entertainment with you

All kinds of activities are more enjoyable in the open air. Refer to this roster for ideas or devise your own. When nighttime falls, children can have a great time with luminescent bracelets. If you possess the equipment, organize an alfresco cinema event using a projector and a display.

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